WIFI Talk is an enterprise grade Voice Over IP application that enables easy and instant voice communications from within you local network. Using multicast and VoIP technologies, WIFI Talk brings group communication to your employees. You can configure up to 32 talk groups for one to many communications, without need for any additional devices , hardware, or configuration. Further the application can be configured to integrate seamlessly with Motorola's Push-To-Talk Express running on Windows Mobile as well as Motorola's Radio Link Express solution.
WIFI Talk supports the following codecs:
*G729a requires additional licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are codecs such as G711 listed as supported but not listed in the configuration?

The reasoning is two fold first because of the size of payloads and the use of redundant RTP. Using G711 or G722 as a transmit codec will exceed the Ethernet MTU size. While it's possible to use it on a 802.11(WIFI) only networks it will cause problems on 802.3(Ethernet). In order to alleviate problems we decided to leave it off. The second reason is that Multicast traffic is typically consider low priority and can be discarded by the Access point if the transmit buffers become full, so by keeping the data smaller we lessen the chance of discards. The software will, however, decode and play any thing sent via those codecs. if you'd like to have those codecs as configurable please contact us for an update

Why is there an additional licensing for G729a?

G729a is intellectual property of Sipro Lab Telecom. It is included to show interoperability with Motorola's Team product. It, however, can not be used free of charge and if you need to interoperate with team a license must be acquired. Since Wifi Talk is a low cost solution in order to keep the price down we do not include the licensing fee for the codec. We do have plans in the future, however, in the meantime the end user is responsible. If you need help regarding this issue please contact us for more information. If you do not need to work with a team product, you can use BV16 or GSM6.10 as your codec of choice.

What are the network requirements?

Wifi Talk is designed to be a plug and play application with minimal configuration needed. It does, however, rely on mutlicast and therefore may need some network configuration. First Wifi Talk requires WIFI and can not be run over 3G or WAN links. Also all peers must be on the same subnet for communications. Multicast must be enabled for the network. We'd also suggest a DTIM of 2 and a Beacon of 100 as well as disabling IGMP snooping. If you have any configuration questions or issue please contact us for assistance.

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