SCipPhone brings the power of Cisco IP Telephony to your android device. Emulating the a SCCP 79xx series phone, SCipPhone brings all the features native call features of Call manager. The client could also be used as an end point for Asterisk's Chan-SCCP.

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Minimum Android API level OS

Gingerbread v 2.3.3 API level 10

Recommended Minimum Hardware requirements

Arm: Cortex A8 1.2ghz 512mb RAM
x86: Pending

SCCP Protocol level supported

Version 3 (CM 3) to Version 19 (CM8)*

*servers are backwards compatible . i.e. CM9 will work with ScipPhone as they negotiate down to version 19 of the protocol.

Network Interface

WIFI or 3G(VPN required)

Connection Model Supported

TFTP Server

Server Direct


Transfer, Conference, Conference List, Call Forward, Call Park, Call Pickup, Join, Hold, Resume, Do not Disturb, IDivert, Music On hold,Internationalized Softkeys and System Messages, CME Login in, Shared Lines, Hold Reversion, Hold Reminder, XML Phone Service, Extension Mobility, Personal Directories, and Corporate Directories.

Audio Codecs

G711u,G711a, G722, GSM 6.10 and G729a


DSCP packet tagging supported over wifi only.

Max call depth

None- Limited by memory and CUCM config

Max lines

None- Limited by memory and CUCM config

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